Ankle Foot Weights Strength Training Workout Equipment, Sports, Outdoor, Running

Ankle Foot Weights Strength Training Workout Equipment, Sports, Outdoor, Running
Ankle Foot Weights Strength Training Workout Equipment, Sports, Outdoor, Running
Ankle Foot Weights Strength Training Workout Equipment, Sports, Outdoor, Running

Ankle Foot Weights Strength Training Workout Equipment, Sports, Outdoor, Running
The AFX Pro Ankle Foot Maximizer (AFX) is a revolutionary new strengthening system that enables you to strengthen the muscles and tendons of the entire foot and ankle complex. When you put AFX to work, youre harnessing a source of strength you never knew you had.

4 resistance sets (Low, Medium, High & Performance). What is the Ankle Foot Maximizer?

AFX is unlike any other foot and ankle strengthening system on the market. Innovative Resistance System A variety of resistance bands allow for complete, balanced strengthening from early stage rehabilitation to high-performance athletic training. Flexible Foot Support Strong yet comfortable, the flexible foot support provides excellent grip, allows the user to arch or extend the foot and toes, strengthen intrinsic muscles, and ensures proper anatomical alignment regardless of foot length. Multi-Directional Strengthening The AFX design allows you to strengthen through a complete range of motion, safely and effectively something other weight-bearing devices and exercises cant offer. Functional Strengthening AFXs resistance system, foot support and multi-directional strengthening enable you to mirror movements that are specific to your sport or activity.

It also allows for cutting-edge training techniques, including eccentric loading. Easy-To-Use and Portable AFX has been designed with you in mind just strap in and go! Whether youre coming back from an injury or going for gold, a few minutes a week in one comfortable position can produce remarkable results.

AFX was borne out of frustration with current foot and ankle strengthening methods. Rubber band and towel exercises are cumbersome, while balance boards and stability platforms have limited use for ankle strengthening, and do little for the feet. The easy-to-use AFX system actively engages the muscles of the foot and ankle, while still providing a wide range of resistance to meet everyones needs.

If youve suffered from a sprain, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, or a broken bone, AFX provides a strengthening system that can be used throughout your rehabilitation. You can increase resistance as your strength increases, while maintaining a full range of motion.

AFX offers athletes and active individuals a hidden source of strength. Your feet and ankles are a critical, though underappreciated part of athletic performance. By strengthening them, you decrease your risk of injury, and dramatically improve your jumping ability, speed, balance and agility.

Athletes to physiotherapists to weekend warriors are beginning to discover the power of AFX. While positive test results have convinced professional athletic trainers that foot and ankle training is critical to better performance, AFX has also made its way into many clinics and rehabilitation practices. I really like the AFX. The ability to focus on specific muscles around the foot and ankle is very apparent and its much more user friendly than I had originally thought it would be. Patients really like using it in the clinic as they report that they can feel what is happening around their ankle better than with other bands and tubes.

Ive used it with a variety of different foot and ankle conditions and its been re-named the accelerator around our office by one client who thinks its the best thing since sliced bread! -Timberly George, Sports Physiotherapist & Canadian Olympic Physio, City Sports & Physiotherapy. Some of the main goals with ankle/foot rehab after injury are increasing strength and stability to improve performance and prevent re-injury.

I have used the AFX in clinic with anyone from athletes to the general population and found it to be quite user friendly and particularly great at targeting key muscles with adequate resistance. This has provided clients with a greater sense of strength gains over pre-existing strengthening methods. Carrie Viola, Physiotherapist, City Sports & Physiotherapy.

Foot and ankle injuries are a huge problem in professional and amateur sports. The AFX is the only product out there that allows for complete foot and ankle strengthening. Scott McCullough, MSc, NBA Athletic Trainer Toronto Raptors. AFX is an absolute must-have tool for those who struggle with foot, leg and hip issues, those who are transitioning to minimalist shoes and anyone who wants to improve their form authentically. It is an easy-to-use, well-designed multi-tasking tool that encourages greater stability in your stride.

Running Expert, Author (Marathoning For Mortals, Running For Mortals), Columnist (Runners World, Womens Running). I use AFX for stretching my lower leg and ankle muscles.

It allows me control that I cannot find using any other method. It also allows me to strengthen only the muscles I want to target; I havent found anything else that will do that. Lorene Hatelt, 8-time World Triathlete champion, a Paralympian, Certified Triathlon Coach & Personal Trainer.

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Ankle Foot Weights Strength Training Workout Equipment, Sports, Outdoor, Running