Flexi-Bar Core Training Workout for Fitness and Rehab

Flexi-Bar Core Training Workout for Fitness and Rehab

Flexi-Bar Core Training Workout for Fitness and Rehab

A regular training regimen with the FLEXI-BAR® Helps improve core muscles and guards against back pain. Improvement of poor posture, excessively weak core muscles or sensorimotor skills can be observed on just about anyone. The FLEXI-BAR® makes it possible to address a wide range of different physical needs in one and the same training session, with the same exercises.

Anyones strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination can be improved with this device, which has an extremely wide range of training thresholds. The FLEXI-BAR® is the body core stabilizer, especially of the spine! The oscillations of the FLEXI-BAR® place high demands on motor skills and cause the engaged musculature to alternately tense up and release. The better ones control of the oscillating motion, the better the training results will be which will be noticeable in short order.

Every user of the FLEXI-BAR® naturally also experiences the devices visual feedback, which will immediately tell him/her if it is oscillating properly or not. This direct feedback, in conjunction with the comfortable feeling when it is properly oscillating, are both very important factors when it comes to facilitating proper use of the FLEXI-BAR®.

Due to its properties and effects, the oscillating bar presents a motion challenge by which the user can directly monitor the intensity of the activity. This is a motivating factor for the training activity. What causes the oscillations of the FLEXI-BAR® in our body. And why is this so important? The muscle fibers in a live human organism vibrate constantly at different frequencies (muscle tone).

These vibrations induce oscillations with a wide range of frequencies in the muscle sinews, which are detectable even when a body is fully at rest. These muscular micro-vibrations were first discovered in 1943 by Mr. These oscillations occur continuously in humans throughout the duration of their lives. They are smaller in women than in men, and are reduced by about one third while sleeping, and can increase tenfold with extreme physical activity. The greater the muscle vibration, the greater the muscle development. No medicine or electricity involved in this treatment. Muscle-building oscillations are activated with considerably more frequency and. At shorter intervals, thereby activating inactive, involuntary muscle systems. Deposits and old tissues are dissolved and drained with other toxins through. Accelerated development of joint mobility, muscle strength, muscle growth and. FLEXI-BAR Training is a method of using vibrations to activate the muscles of the core.

The shaking action of the FLEXI-BAR creates vibrations that pass through the body, de-stabilizing the body and forcing the stabilizing muscles of the core to be activated. Core Training is recognized to be the key to achieving improved strength and fitness in most fitness training regimes today. Whether performed in the Exercise Studio, the Gym, or with a Personal Trainer, core work has become an integral feature of todays training programs. Therefore, it is essential to understand the muscles of the core, its anatomy and its function.

EVERY SINGLE MOVEMENT YOU MAKE BEGINS IN YOUR CORE. The muscles that make up the core are responsible for maintaining posture in all positions and in all situations; allowing you to move safely and effectively, through a variety of planes and in various directions. The core is where the bodys centre of gravity is located and it is where movement begins.

A strong core will stabilize the pelvis, which in turn stabilizes the hips, knees and ankles. Whilst stabilizing the pelvis, a strong core also stabilizes the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spines which in turn stabilizes the shoulders, elbows and wrists. A weak core will have rippling effects on the entire body. If you experience persistent shoulder, neck, hip or knee problems you may consider that the possible cause is actually an imbalance/weakness in the stabilizing muscles of the core. The item "Flexi-Bar Core Training Workout for Fitness and Rehab" is in sale since Monday, January 4, 2016.

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Flexi-Bar Core Training Workout for Fitness and Rehab