Weight Training Pump Style Workout EXERCISE DVD CATHE FRIEDRICH Muscle Max

Weight Training Pump Style Workout EXERCISE DVD CATHE FRIEDRICH Muscle Max
Weight Training Pump Style Workout EXERCISE DVD CATHE FRIEDRICH Muscle Max

Weight Training Pump Style Workout EXERCISE DVD CATHE FRIEDRICH Muscle Max

Brand new - Not a Copy. Instructor's name: Cathe Friedrich. Equipment Needed: Step Bench, Weighted Barbell, Resistance Band, Hand Weights. Total Running Time: 72 Minutes.

Region: 0 (Worldwide, REGION FREE, Suitable for ALL DVD players). Muscle Max, approximately 72 minutes in length, is a total body, moderate to heavy weight training workout. This workout focuses on the effective basics and is sequenced in a manner to deliver results. While this workout can be done 2, but no more than 3, times per week on its own, it can also be used in conjunction with the Gym Style workouts as a way of targeting all the body parts a second time per week. Just a couple of suggestions, but by no means the only way to use these workouts. Certified instructor description: A super-challenging program that uses a step, a resistance band and heavy-weights. Cathes careful sequencing and precise focus on technique absolutely assure a strong, shapely body (if you can keep up). Youll target each muscle group with just 3 to 4 proven exercises. But Cathe also adjusts the tempo, body position and range-of-motion to add variety and effectiveness e. Just reverse your grip on the barbell to change the targeted muscles. It ends with the toughest corework ever -- ultra-intense versions of the classics like ab crunches, hip lifts and jack knifes. Requires a 6-foot resistance band, barbells, 8 to 20 lb.

The DVDs premix feature lets you play selected sections e. One premix only plays the lower-body routines. 5.0 out of 5 stars. Ive been working out with weights for 23 years and this is one of the best and most effective workouts Ive come across.

I really love this workout because it sticks to the basics, doesn't waste my time and hits every body part. It's a typical gym type workout which I think is the most effective because you use heavy weights and do a few sets of each exercise. Other videos that Ive done dont hit the legs as much as I would like but this one does. I've only done this workout 3 times and can ALREADY see results and as a 44 year old Im thrilled. It is a little long (68 min), but the time goes by quickly.

Cathe is likable too which helps a lot. Posted by Cindy on 2/6/2014. The perfect weight only workout. I do not have a barbell but use 15 pound dumbbells in stead.

The band work is tough. This was exactly what I was looking for; a weights only workout. No aerobics needed here, your heart rate really rises when you do squats, plies, and lunges. The plie section is tough.

Easy to follow but a great overall body workout. As usual Cathe includes shorter options.

Posted by Kristin on 1/20/2014. It's Still One of the Best Total Body Weight Workouts. LIS turned me into a fan. Now I regularly do her workouts and decided to try Muscle Max, a workout I've owned for years but completely ignored. Frankly, Muscle Max looks boring and even dated on preview. Well, it certainly didn't feel boring while I was doing it! I think the legs are only worked out for 14 minutes, but that leg workout felt like one of the toughest leg sequences I own on DVD. I'm glad Cathe put it at the beginning of the workout! My arms felt like limp noodles for 30 minutes following the workout. So, though I'm very late to the Muscle Max party, at least I now know why so many consider it to be a classic.

I'm looking forward to doing it again! - posted by Michelle Marie E. Cathe Friedrich's Muscle Max - YouTube.

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If you are after a particular dvd or want some advice about which would be best for you please send me a message and I will endeavour to respond within 24 hours. Hi, my name is Linda Wooldridge and I have been a fitness enthusiast all my life! I have worked with nutrition and personal training for many years and I love helping people reach their exercise and weight loss goals! I have worked in the diet and fitness industry in one form or another for my entire career amongst, which my husband, Michael, and I owned our own personal training business, which eventually turned into Workout DVD World! I instructed barre style workout classes twice a week in my home town of Perth, Western Australia, and then progressed to creating an ever-growing video library of my own fusion style workouts, under the banner of.

I have tried gyms and outdoor Boot Camps, but I definitely prefer to exercise in the comfort of my own home. That way you can workout without having to worry about anyone watching you! It also means you have no excuse not to exercise, cause you dont have to waste time driving anywhere! The great thing is that you never outgrow workout DVDs!

The fact is that the moves that really work rarely change! I even have some old Cindy Crawford videos from the 80s, which are just as effective as some of the latest DVDs on the market.

I take my workout DVDs with me where ever I go. I went on holiday to Europe, and you guessed it, I had at least 10 workout DVDs packed in my bag!

With most you need surprisingly little room so you can even do it in a small hotel room. If you have a laptop or portable DVD player you are set to workout anywhere! It is my favourite hobby and a pretty healthy one I think! So if you are about to enter the wonderful world of working out at home then I will be all too happy to try and source whichever DVDs you want to add to your collection! I also love giving advice, so keep the questions coming!

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Weight Training Pump Style Workout EXERCISE DVD CATHE FRIEDRICH Muscle Max